Friday, March 2, 2012

Luck By Chance

I had to get my routine right. Sleep early, to get up early. And here was my chance. That evening there was not much to do. After dinner I could even go for a walk and then to bed. With my self-served dinner plate in hand I sat in front of the Stupid I-Box. Before starting to eat I tuned to DD National. A film called "Luck By Chance" was being aired.
I was sure it'd be a boring film and I'd switch off the television even before finishing the food.
But it was a pleasant surprise......a beautiful experience...much like meeting a very dear old friend out of the blue!!!

A well-made film on relationships in Bollywood (Err..."Hindi Film Industry" as Dimple Kapadia's character in the film would like it to be called). Thoroughly entertaining and yet it was not just about entertainment as it portrayed the complexities of the biggest entertainment industry in the country quite honestly, with a sophistication that demands some maturity.

I think Bollywood backdrop was incidental. The crux of the story was human relations. Ego and self respect. Ambition and principles. Despair and hope.
Indeed looking beyond the Hindi Film Industry, it talks of human beings in general. The journey of life that takes them through a maze of circumstances, which at one time seems to just keep demanding while at some other time it seems to become an endless shower of bounties. But whatever life may give, it enriches the human being every time.
And it is mostly Luck By Chance!!!

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