Monday, November 10, 2008

The Good And The Bad

Nothing is permanent and nothing is perfect in this world. Mahatma Gandhi said, "It is healthy to be reminded that the strongest might weaken and the wisest might err". And the distribution of good and bad among races, religions, regions isalso very evenly spread out by God Almighty. Amazingly there is not a single creature that is totally good or completely bad.The worst of the bad is not all bad and the best among the good ones are not all good after all. This even distribution of the uneven is a humanly impossible balancing act of the Creator with the purpose behind it being pretty obvious. We are neither the God nor the Devil. We are human and let us be true to our existence.
To bring this into present perspective, when some people demonise a particular community they must bear in mind the above-mentioned basic balancing rule. Hence if we care to honestly look around, we find extremists of all kinds. But thankfully all their kinds are in minority. Majority of the people anywhere are moderate and normal human beings. So if there are Muslim extremiststhere are Hindu extremists too. And that is not all. Christians, Sikhs...even the Parsis have their share of fundamental extremistswho voluntarily take upon themselves to be the voice of the community. That the majority allows them to get away with theirblatant notoriety is very upsetting because it is the silent majority of the peace-loving people who pay the price of themisdeeds of the extremists.
To analyse the situation a wee bit more critically one must become as near impartial as possible. It will not be difficult torealise then as to why innocent human beings are falling prey to the demon of terrorism. It is very evident to all those whodare to look beyond religious sermons or see through statements and speeches the politicians make. Invoking religion is theeasiest and the surest way to intimidate soulful, God-fearing innocent human beings. Therefore it is now clear why terroismcannot be contained. And it will never be contained as long as the majority does not rise to differentiate between the good andthe bad.And here the good and the bad has to be just that...without any other differntiating marks of religion, region, language etc.
Any number of existing laws and new additions and amendments to them will prove futile and essentially remain issues debated soullessly in drawing-rooms of the elite if the people are polarised on any point other than morals and humanism. It is very rightly said that the only people one should try to get even with are those who have helped you. And if that can happen no one can stop the Heaven coming down on the Earth...and for peace to prevail.
Zohra Javed.

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