Monday, January 4, 2010

From Tehelka Magazine, Vol 4, Issue 45, Dated Nov 24, 2007

Conspiracy? Yes, but Whose?

TEHELKA HAS DONE a commendable job for those who needed proof of what happened in Gujarat in 2002. But there are still those adamant parrots who repeat what has once been fed into their memories and who still differentiate between the Gujarat carnage and the Godhra episode. I request them to answer a few questions honestly, at least to their own inner selves.

The first and foremost point is Muslims know very well the outcome of every riot by now. They lose heavily, both in terms of lives and money... and almost never receive any compensation, except for some lip-service at election time, called "appeasement" by the above-mentioned parrots. So why would they start a fight or gather in thousands to burn a bogey or two of a train full of karsevaks?

Secondly, even if they had gathered in such huge numbers, mustering all the destructive material in their possession, it's quite surprising that neither were they seen by anyone nor did anyone object to their gathering.

Thirdly, investigations have pointed to the fire having begun inside the bogey. Could it not have been the work of a suicide squad of Hindu extremists, going about in the guise of pilgrims and karsevaks ? Also, if the Gujarat carnage was so immaculately planned, could the Godhra incident not have been planned by the same people? The carnage was termed a "spontaneous reaction" to the Godhra episode, but we now know that whatever happened as an aftermath to the Godhra tragedy was well planned and not "spontaneous" as Modi and his likes would have the world believe. It more than indicates that those who planned the Gujarat carnage also planned the Godhra tragedy.

Please, in the interest of our children and future generations, let us stop debating over human tragedies and let us look for permanent remedies, if bygones are really to be bygones and if we have any respect for the human race. Let us gift our children security, peace and love.

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