Monday, May 21, 2012

Off The Camera

Aseem Chhabra in his column titled "More than Meets the eye"  in Mumbai Mirror Sunday (20/05/2012) says "The picture of an angry SRK at Wankhede Stadium may not represent the complete picture".
He also mentions in his writeup that he cannot forget something London based writer and filmmaker Nasreen Munni Kabir had said to him.
She had in fact said in Urdu: "Shah Rukh bahot shareef aadmi hai"

Chhabra ji himself has met SRK on several occasions and has been impressed with the earnestness displayed by the superstar.

Well, I am inclined to believe Nasreen ji and Chhabra ji.. But the generosity , the kindness, the earnestness...whatever....
could be an act carried out brilliantly by the actor for the media.
Nasreen ji was making documenteries "The Inner/Outer World of Shah Rukh Khan" and so it was quite natural for SRK to be putting on his best for her.
Ditto for Aseem Ji.
But I had to pause in the midst of my critical analysis of the "aaj-ka---Raa.One-ish-father-
guardian" behaving so irresponsibly at  Wankhede Stadium.

Yesterday afternoon the late Ajit Saheb's daughter-in-law narrated a seemingly trivial anecdote as we sat chatting after a late Sunday brunch. Pondering over it again and again I think there could well be more than meets the eye.

It seems Ajit Saheb was taking a stroll along the Band Stand area  one morning when a car stopped politely near him.
Not really taking much notice he kept his comfortable pace inhaling the salty sea breeze.
There from behind him came a dew-fresh Shah Rukh. He greeted Ajit Saheb with a bow, asking for his blessings, and not forgetting to mention how happy he was to see the senior actor.
Ajit Saheb had at that time retired from films and in fact shifted to Hyderabad, visiting Mumbai only occasionally.
Needless to say Ajit Saheb was very impressed with Shah Rukh's humility and courtesy.
Therefore Ajit Saheb's daughter-in-law cannot figure out why SRK would turn so arrogant at a pulic place, risking his well-groomed image, under the hostile glare of scores of cameras. He is a superstar, an extremely gifted entertainer and a completely devoted family man.
Why would he go out of his way to spoil his image in the eyes of his fans?

Being nice to Ajit Saheb had come naturally to SRK. It was neither for the media to write how abbsolutely respectful SRK was, nor was it to ask for any favour from Ajit Saheb. It was truly and selflessly for the gratification of his own soul.

So is there really something more than meets the eye....????
Okay guys! I've shared this information not because I want to stand solidly behind SRK (I'm sure he can stand on his own much like a rock!!! ) but because I'm a big show-off and I want people to know of my friendship with Ajit Saheb's family :)) !!!!!

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