Friday, February 15, 2013

Chalo Ek baar phir se ......Attempting New Beginnings

I think most people have this intense urge to pour out the bitter repercussions of an anguished experience although there may be a few exceptions who may feel strong enough to hold themselves together through trying times and move on successfully from pain to happiness.
But sharing agony and distress with a genuine well wisher is neither weakness nor abnormal.
Hence most of us need someone with a sympathetic ear, a polite tongue, a kind heart and a shoulder willing to get drenched with our tears.

While working with young people who trust me enough to share their personal issues I realized that in many such cases poetry is immensely therapeutic.

The most popular poetry, that has been amazingly helpful, in the Indian context is from old Hindi / Urdu films. And I have lost count of how many times the song "Chalo ek baar phir se ajnabi ban jaaein hum dono ...." has helped me "help the needy"
(And may I put this on record here that I am not talking only about romantic man-woman relationships)
Written by Sahir, music by Ravi and sung by Mahendra Kapoor, this is an underrated masterpiece that sinks in gradually as Kapoor Saheb brings the words to life with a depth that is engrossing and overpowering.

On the first hearing ... and even after many subsequent perfunctory hearings, one may listen and appreciate, but not necessarily be truly touched, leave alone fathoming the depth brought out in words laying bare the layers of human feeling.
But delve in just a bit and it engulfs you completely.
How does one go about becoming a complete stranger to someone with whom they have shared the most cherished moments in life?
How does one make sure that every little trace of the memory that involves a loved one will wipe itself out ...
Or that one will be so willing to let that happen?
Don't we deliberately cling on to memories ... ???
Keeping memories securely sealed somewhere in one's heart is the normal practice of all human beings. And the most touching poetry is most definitely made from memories which refuse to leave their place of pride in one's life.

And hence this song stands out in its uniqueness.
The poet apparently is comfortable in choosing to let go of a loved one with whom he cannot carry on any further.
But hold on.
Although he is moving on, he is not parting with the memories ...
He is taking along with him a bagful of moments too precious to let go ...
And seemingly this baggage is neither burdensome nor tiresome
So he casually and yet so profoundly remarks:
 "Chalo ek baar phir se ajnabi bann jaaein hum dono ..."

Moving on is apparently a part of one's existence.
Indeed truly so.
But Come to think of it, how much inner turmoil must one undergo before finally accepting and then coming to terms with life as it comes.
Someone who had not very long ago been the reason of all of one's dreams and aspirations, someone without whom life would become lifeless, someone who he had expected would be there for him throughout his life, and after too, was in reality an illusion ...

How does one come round to admitting the reality that Someone who was The World to him has moved away ...... forever !!!

But if life must go on in separate compartments for two people who once travelled intimately  together, can there be another better option than the one provided by Sahir Ludhianvi?
Shed the old skin .....
Smile as you indulge in the luxury of a new beginning.
You are the same person inside.
But clothed with a much better resolve and determination.
It is a beautiful feeling !!!

Chalo ek baar phir se ... :-)

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