Monday, June 8, 2015

Dear Maggie

Every love affair begins at some point in time , knowingly or unknowingly ... Often the most " durable , sturdy and long-lasting " are  those that grow and mature with time .... not meaning to offend the love-at-first-sight fans a la Karan Johar and Aditya Chopra brands ;-)  :-)

I don't remember precisely when Maggie was launched in India , but what I precisely remember is the morning she entered my life :-)
She looked inviting , tempting and so beautiful as she  outshone everything else on the  breakfast table that day at my sister-in-law's place in Allahabad  .... In fact I don't even remember what else was there !!!

I had been just about married . That first  winter in Allahabad was a beautiful and luxuriant experience when I was introduced to a life completely different from what I had been living till then.
Civil Lines in Allahabad in contrast to the much calmer Bombay of those days  used to still be lovelier and beautiful  any time of the year  ... I can never forget the gorgeous , stately spacious bungalows , sprawling lawns and abundant flower beds (specially in winters) .... and the plentiful gulmohars and amaltash blossoms of the summers.

An aura so romantic sows seeds of long lasting , affectionate and strong  associations as happened with Maggie and my family :-)
She gradually crept into our lives and made for herself a permanent place
The children turned out to be even greater admirers , insisting to take her to school with them , much to dismay and disagreement of my health-conscious-traditionally-indoctrinated mother-in-law :-)
But we had to give in to the pleasures of the younger generation once in a while , hence the children were allowed to take her to school on special occassions  ;-) :-P

It is not just the children , even we the elders and  so many lakhs like us have found her to be that Mom-like-well wisher who would never let us sleep hungry ....
We will always love her ... And why NOT ?

I have one last ( out of an economy pack of four ) Maggie atta noodles portion left in my kitchen ....
But after the latest developments I ve been postponing eating it ....
Jaaney phir kab miley type of emotions ....  :-)

Times change ....and how... ???
In my childhood Maggie used to be a woman ( and also featured in a  very endearing cartoon strip of those days ) , then she became a delicious noodle brand  , and now very sorry to hear that she has become something like  an abuse...

But  even when there is such a strong current flowing against Dear Maggie , those holier than thou clan of "Haaaaaaawwwwwwwww-you ve-eaten-Maggie-all-these-years" somehow come across as among the most ungrateful people around ....

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