Tuesday, August 4, 2015

May Better Sense Prevail

What do you do when you are facing some of the worst moments in your life ?

Do you go and kill people who have not done any harm to you because someone has harmed you ?
Or do you try to get over the shock so that your thought process is not influenced by outside vested interests ?

Do you start hating everyone, specially belonging to that community, sect , religion etc ?
Or do you allow space for the fact that every creation of God is born with both good and bad inside him/her/it

Still worse
Do you go and burn yourself up ?
Or do you sit and try to calm yourself ?

The options are not easy to choose when one is devastated beyond words

The person who has been hurt and wronged is not in a position to take a mature and prudent decision obviously because in a state of shock , anguish (and at times personal loss) the power to think rationally gets majorly compromised
Such a person needs friends to stand by him , to spend time with him and most importantly to calm and soothe his mind and heart
This is the time when Friends are tested for their sincerity
It is not always about monetary help that one expects from well wishers
Many times the more important requirement is guidance , showing a ray of hope in times of total darkness , healing the wounds and trying to erase the scars

This is true for all times
Human suffering may be due to a natural calamity or a man made / created / planned disaster ... or even a broken relationship or having not done well in an examination
It is always the response of the victim that determines his/her future

There can be no valid justification for violence... mental, physical , verbal ... all kind of violence is criminal

If one is blessed with the power to ever give an advice to someone , they must take time to think rationally ( do the difficult job of setting the bias aside for a while ) , and  always talk about ushering in peace
This instantly brings positivity and surrounds the aggrieved person with an aura of hope which sets the ground for a better future ...
May better sense prevail

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