Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Life Is A Give & Receive Thing

"What you sow, so must you reap"
This is something everyone has been told in whatever language they speak and whichever place they live. It is the most unambiguous, explicit and immutable truth of all life at least on this Earth.
And significantly noteworthy is the fact that time too never fails to remind that one must keep a good relation with oneself as also with one's surroundings, including the environment and the people because as you sow, so shall you reap...

One of my late father's closest friends who was also a colleague and my parent's first neighbour has lived his life never forgetting this principle.
He is a bachelor, seemingly forever content, and friendly.
Quite uniquely, his journey thus far has been a collage of relations where one group had till now remained largely unknown to another group of people in his life.

Hence it was quite an enriching experience meeting his various "fans" and admirers in his hospital room yesterday.
The nurse attending to him informed us that he has always wished her on festivals with chocolates and sweets.
Another visitor was one of his brother's friend's brother, who, with a combination of affection and nostalgia told us that he used to visit them often, that is as and when he happened to go to their side of the town.
His habit of never mixing one set of relations with another, had ensured that we were meeting most of his relatives for the first time in such a long association.
They were fondly and dotingly "complaining" that he never listens to anyone.
His best friends are children and he keeps his relation with them extremely strong, pleasant and unreserved.

He has been till recently preferring to walk short distances, even from home to his office he walks in the morning. His life style is as flawless as can humanly be possible...
A true saadhu... A true saint, who has not shunned the world, but shunned its temptations...
He has silently, and surely with immense patience, created an enviably respectful position for himself among the people he has met over his eighty plus years.

Retirement is not a word in his dictionary.
His simplicity, intelligence and diligence are remarkable. Hence it is heartening to encounter professionals, specially engineers at his workplace, who feel indebted to him for the contribution he has made to their skill and progress.
They are the ones who informed us of his hospitalization and when we reached the hospital, we found them doing much of the running around for the medical investigations, arranging for blood and sitting with the family telling them how he has given each one of them a part of his life , how he has been there for them and how much he is admired by not just his present co-workers, but even those who have worked with him decades ago.

Although Uncle's health is a matter of concern for all of us, it was a heart warming and spiritually uplifting experience to notice those bonds of selfless love which he has created over the years unfolding with such grace , coming full circle, hugging and loving him back.

People like Uncle are one in a thousand ....
But their aura blesses hundreds of lives.

And I am sure everyone who has come in contact with Uncle has learned to treasure the adage "What You Sow, So Must You Reap" with a little more care and understanding.
They cannot just listen and leave it ....
They will certainly carry the message in their hearts....and through them it will hopefully touch many more hearts ....

Thank You Uncle ... You are a treasure we cherish with all our heart and it is our good fortune to have grown up in your lap ...



People with such a soul and heart are rare these days....wish him best of the health'

Ulhas Gaikwad said...

You have brought back those beautiful memories about Uncle...his pranks, his mischievous behaviour, his fondness for children, his doling out chocolates and biscuits for any child he would meet on the way to the powerhouse... I remember once when we kids were at his place, he fed us a strange curry..a concoction of odd ingredients like a half cut coconut and all the vegetables he then had in his fridge! His bungalow seemed a museum to us with all its sundry mechanical and electrical tools. He had a very unique style of poking fun at kids. My father had a very strange bond with this man.. A truly saintly soul. I wish him speedy recovery. By the way, may I know where has he been admitted?