Tuesday, February 23, 2016

"Anti National" is the new "Kaafir "

You never really can fathom the length and breadth to which words can travel.
From ruining relationships, undressing mindsets, and turning a Democracy into a banana republic, to creating everlastingly injurious heart breaks, words can do so much more.
Thoughtless slogan-brandishing and tongue-wagging laced with a lewd, malapert and contumelious vocabulary has become not just fashionable , but a symbol of one's nationalism.
( I say "thoughtless" but a somber voice within cautions me that this jeering hateful display under the pretext of loyalty to the Nation could all be a well planned and thoughtfully articulated mayhem )

The more vulgar a person can be the higher their reckoning.

Like in religious beliefs so in the context of patriotism  , one must obey unquestioningly whatever rules the so called "leaders" have laid down
Or else there could be fatwas declaring the "dissident" blasphemous and anti national ...
Sounds rather dictatorial to someone born in a democracy ... ?
Not really...  
Come to think of it, this is not just about a country or a religion.
By the way "thinking" is fast going out-of-fashion.
Not only this , having an analytical mind could again be termed anti- national , anti-social and indeed insulting to religions across Nations.

How many of us can "see" the "bigger game " here ?
Is this not generally a convenient way to subjugate children, women , subordinates and just about anyone who has a different opinion from the so called "Head of the Family"
Delve a little further into the social fabric of any community and we find that any deviation from the set trends is looked down upon.
Questioning the things one may genuinely not understand or may not agree to, is considered profane ....
This is how the fantastic tradition of mediocrity begins and continues...........
Incredible to note is the fact that such a stagnant "progress" suits the political class everywhere.
But let us not forget that it is that crazy lot of unconventional minority who dared to question and research and sift good from bad , that we stand indebted to today for all the good that is there on this planet ...

In this context obviously The JNU issue cannot be left out.
It is much close to heart because in my opinion it is connected with the quality of education that our youth are getting ... and also very importantly it is about human rights all over the country ....
As it is, everyone knows that the general conditions, as also the quality of higher education have been a matter of concern for a long time. Instead of making way for any improvement, whatever quality there is , is also being compromised ... 

As a woman, a mother, and a home maker, who holds human rights close to heart, ( and not in the least a political commentator) I thought I will be failing in my duty to our youth and the Nation if I don't speak on this ...

"Anti National" has now become like the erstwhile "Kaafir"
And my conscience tells me that like no Muslim Mulla is qualified enough to pronounce anyone "Kaafir" , similarly, no so called patriot / Nationalist is qualified enough to call another fellow Indian "Anti National ".

I am not a great writer or journalist and don't have fans and readers following me, hence what I am writing here, is for the satisfaction of my conscience and soul. For reiterating that I did not remain silent when the future of our coming generation was being jeopardized and women were being called "bazaaru" and "prostitutes" by people whose minds are filled with a mass of road-side filth.
This is my space and here I talk with myself. I will however be happy if others also read this piece and think about this issue with a clear mind and conscience.
In a democracy, the masses must be aware and awake as a responsible opposition because the ruling parties often take turns in sitting on the Treasury / Opposition Benches, their interests are much the same and so are their tactics when it comes to intimidating their own population.


naSim said...

'Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel'?


sujata said...

Extremism is out on streets and bringing imbalnce in the society. A sane person should be able to see through and understand, react in a responsible way, rather than demoralising the grit of nationalism. Unfortunately people stopped 'thinking' in the right way!!I seriously feel that people have become mediocre.