Sunday, August 7, 2016

Tum besaharaa ho to ...

Talking Peace is like preaching religion.
As is the sad irony in both cases:
It is not meant to be practiced in its essence.

One hardly comes across any glorification of Peace, except perhaps the Nobel Peace Prize.
On the other hand look at the glorification of violence.
And the amazingly potent pretexts under which violence is justified.
Most often this vicious activity of justifying murder is sheathed in holy virtues.

The loftiness of sacrifice and "bravery" in giving up one's life for a cause, never mind killing many more before one can qualify for the seventy-two-Virgin award in Heavens above.
The one-in-a-thousand medal of appreciation (which often comes posthumous).
There are other holy choices too.
Burn ... Beat ... Banish ...
And rape too !

Do we realize what we are doing when we buy toy Pistols, and models of tanks, fighter air crafts, soldiers etc for our four-five-six year olds?!
Are we not gifting them a world of violence at that tender age ?
Even a call to make children do well in exam comes wrapped in words like "fight", "Win" etc

Why is "resting-in-peace" easy but "living in peace " difficult ?
Any thoughts for the families who are left behind to collect the gallantry awards?
Yes! Of course ... Big bunches of flowers, Facebook Salutes, candles  ...

Some time ago I read a quote by His Holiness The Dalai Lama, which was overwhelmingly reflective and thought provoking.
He said:
Most of us have been conditioned... Since armies are legal, we feel war is acceptable;
In general, nobody feels that war is criminal or that accepting it is criminal attitude.
In fact we have been brainwashed."
He further says:
"War is monstrous. Its very nature is one of tragedy and suffering"

Such strong and powerful words against war!
I was extremely delighted to realize that I was in such esteemed company. Because these are the thoughts that have been ringing in my mind, and beating in my heart for quite some time now.

Having found my goal, the next step was to look for a path that would lead to peace, and some rays of hope to light up this path.
As I move along this path a little ahead every day, it is turning out to be an overwhelmingly soothing and peaceful experience.

There are long rows of comforting lamps, in the form of old Hindi Film songs, that guide me through dark alleys of hatred and help me find my way to enlightenment.

Take for instance
तुम बेसहारा हो तो  ..." written by Anand Bakshi Saheb.
It is not just another film song.
It is philosophy expressed in poetry.
Philosophy of non violence and compassion, of comradeship and sharing, of spreading love instead of nurturing vindictiveness.

The words evoke a sense of tremendous positivity.
Listen to these lines:

" तुम हो एक अकेले तो 
रुक मत जाओ चल निकलो 
तुम को रास्ते में कोई 
साथी तुम्हारा मिल जाएगा "

These words have given me immense courage to stand my ground and do my bit for the cause of peace even if it is as negligible as a status on my Facebook Timeline.

Bakshi Saheb's this song also calls for finding peace inside your heart ...

"ना मिलता है प्यार बाज़ारों में
ना बिकता है चैन दुकानों में 
ढूंढ रहे हो तुम जिसको 
उसको बाहर मत ढूंढ़ो  
मन के अंदर ढूंढ़ो
प्रीतम प्यारा मिल जाएगा"

The energy of youth is enormous.
It can be used to bring about positive changes if these young minds are given healthy food for thought. But the trend is to soak their thoughts in blood and thrust upon them the burden of hate and violence, of which they have never been a part before.
The idea is to rob them of their power to think.
They don't even realize that someone is writing a deadly curse of destruction on the palms of their innocent hands.

Another couplet from the same song says:
"सब्र से जीना आसाँ होता है 
फ़िक्र से जीना मुश्किल होता है"
Patience (सब्र) is a trait that brings comfort, and eventually shows the right path.
But "फ़िक्र" denoting a restless / revengeful mind is like termite.
It eats into your confidence and erodes all sensibilities.
How much peace can a cycle of hate and counter hate beget anyway ?

And as far as justifying violence on the basis of Newton's action-reaction theory is concerned, I must state that life is not Science or Math.
Here neither two opposite forces attract each other nor do two negatives make one positive.

Life is a different subject.
The most important thing to remember in life is:
"If Your suffering inculcates hatred in your heart, you are a curse for yourself and for everyone around you.
But if your suffering can make you aware of and sympathetic to the suffering of others, you become the most beautiful gift from God to this world."

Let us open our hearts to the music of peace and poetry of love.
Let us keep reminding ourselves that a helping hand has blessings, smiles and peace written in the lines of its palm.


Rakesh Anand Bakshi said...

music of peace and poetry of love. Well said. Deeply analysed. Rakesh Anand Bakshi Thank you very much.

Shahid Fazal said...

What a wonderful analysis... Thanks for enlightening us...

Suresh Vithalani said...

Very inspiring, indeed.