Saturday, June 24, 2017

Eid Mubarak

At the outset let me share some enlightenment that I received this Ramzaan :-)

1) Normal people suddenly turn Preachers and keep sending videos and messages which propagate the thoughts and "teachings" of "scholars" we have never heard about in a bid to "transform-and purify" our thought process !!!

2) Arabic suddenly becomes the language of the Muslims and they all seem to know it perfectly.

3) Tailor-made duas for Ramzaan, specially for Laylatul Qadr keep coming repeatedly and we are told that good deeds and prayer on this one night equals rewards equal to eighty years of prayer and charity

4) The best time for prayer and asking God for favours and blessings comes prescribed by the ulemas and you are supposed to parrot their duas for your own salvation.

This as I said is a portion of the mind boggling enlightenment.

Before it had happened I was under the impression that asking God for favours and blessings and being thankful to Him, comes from one's heart irrespective of a time-place bondage.

Also my understanding was that whatever I say to my Allah or ask of Him should be in a language that I know best, so that I don't need a translation along side of what I am saying.

But even if much of it was avoidable "spiritual bombardment" some of the "forwards" were interesting, informative and educative ... and spiritually nourishing too :-)

So here's a BIG THANK YOU to all friends and family who cared to keep me in their thoughts and duas.
Absolutely precious and welcome my dears :-)
Love you all

My apologies to friends and family who I may have hurt-irritated-annoyed many a time.
But rest assured I am incorrigible, so ... Well ... There's more to come !!!

But for now here's wishing all my near and dear ones and my dearest family a Happy Prosperous Enlightening day and year ahead.

Eid Bahot Bhaot Mubarak ho ... sabhi ko mubarak ho

Will end this note with a small prayer:
My Dear God ji !
Eishwar Allah tero naam ... Sab ko sanmati ... and specially Balwaano ko ... tu de de gyaan !!!


Saeedakhtar said...

Eid Mubarak

Saeedakhtar said...

Eid Mubarak

Rukhsana Jaipury said...

Oops missed this mail.... But better late than never. As always very well expressed message for all. Thank u Zohra ji.

pak pakescorts646 said...

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