Saturday, August 12, 2017

Over a Cup of Tea that afternoon ...

She took her seat.
That cozily cushioned intricately woven cane chair in her small but comfortable lounge.
I settled in another one near her.
Without much ado, and as if we had known each other since ages, she said:
"I made a mistake, I shouldn't have quit working. Now I feel lazy going back to work ... and you know what ... " , her voice turning a whisper, she added, "I have actually lost much of my self-confidence ..."

I would like to believe that in her conversation, reflected the purity of her heart.
But frankly I can't be very sure.
After all, meeting someone first time, can one vouch for the purity of their heart ?

Here was a seventy five plus woman who was leading a relaxed life, fussing over her tea, making her staff run all around the house for nothing, missing her outings and social life due to her ageing body and she was asking me to meet her often and take her out on the BEST buses so that she learns to ride a bus in Bombay City ...
WOW !!!
Amazing spirit ... and salutes to that.

More than twenty five years my senior, she said she loved my hair "flying all over" under the fan-ki-hawa
And I loved her's ... not moving unless a touch of her dainty fingers permitted them to do so
Also mine now in their natural colour
Her's artificially coloured

"Why don't you write ? You have a treasure ( I mean TREASURE ) ... "
Yeah ... her treasure deserves the capitals  
I could have said Kohinoor too ... ๐Ÿ˜€
"I cannot write" she said simply
While she paused, I thought : "Sach mein lazy hain
Oblivious to my thoughts, she went on, without any pride, and again very simply she said:
"Wo treasure to poorey India ka hai"

Indeed ... Indeed ...
Who could dispute that๐Ÿ˜Š

Tea was served with much grace
However she made the helper run back and forth a few times before she was satisfied with the degree of warmth and colour of the beverage

Then someone reminded her of a financial downturn she had suffered about half a century ago.
She did not take a moment to look at him in the eyes with such blank innocence as if a memory loss had happened suddenly !!!

Quite like a small adamant girl she shot back:
"I don't remember all that"
That person insisted she could not forget such an important matter, and testing her "yaad-daasht" asked again:
"Bibi Jaan to yaad hain na ... "
To which she replied with spontaneous enthusiasm:
" Haan ... Haan ... Kyon nahi yaad hoNgi ... ?"
"To phir wo baat kyoN nahi yaad hai ?"
"Bibi Jaan ek insaan hain, koi bank ka khata nahi ... "
She replied with a lot of self composure, depth and perhaps some sweet latent mischief

WOW again!!!

She is a delightfully breath taking bundle of paradoxes !!!
Steely Determination
Mellow Vulnerability

Here I was in the company of an impish scholar-Guru who has learned her lessons from the expansive library called Life
And thankfully learned all the right things

And this also explains why at the beginning she said she could not write

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