Monday, December 4, 2017

NafratoN ke Jahaan mein ...

PoNchh kar ashk apani aaNkhoN se,
Muskuraao to koi baat baney
Sar jhukaaney se kuchh nahi hota
Sar uthaao to koi baat baney

Zindgi bhiikh mein nahi milti
Zindgi badh ke chhiini jaati hai
Apna haqq saNgdil zamaane se
Chhiin paao to koi baat baney

RaNg aur nasl, zaat aur mazhab
Jo bhi hoN aadmi se kamtar hain
Iss haqiiqat ko tum bhi meri tarah
Maan jaao to koi baat baney

NafratoN ke jahaan mein hum ko
pyaar ki bastiiyaN basaani hain
Duur rehna koi kamaal nahi
Paas aao to koi baat baney

This entire song is very simple in words, soothing in music, but is enormously pensive as it conveys the message of social justice and equality among human beings
Mohammed Rafi has rendered it with the right amount of depth, sensitivity and compassion to build up the required inspiration that it is supposed to deliver.

Sahir Ludhianvi, known for his poetry in favour of the oppressed, has come up with an amazingly powerful thought to inspire the underprivileged to stand up with dignity and ask for their rights, that have been denied to them in a society dominated by the moneyed class

The words have a global appeal because this oppression of the poor by the rich is a global phenomenon

It must however be noted that Sahir being an ardent advocate of non-violence and a supporter of World Peace ( His writings against war and violence are a testimony to that ) is NOT calling upon the underprivileged to resort to violence when he uses words like "Sar uthaao" ( Meaning Raise your heads) or "Chhiin" (meaning snatch)
He knows the kind of destruction and emptiness violence brings about
In his own life he has gone through immense mental agony and lived under financial and emotional stress
Yet he never allowed violence or aggression to raise their heads in his life

Instead he became the voice of the underprivileged and through his writings, he kept on trying to awaken the conscience of the masses to embrace the virtues of peace and social justice
He showed through the journey of his life that pen is mightier than the sword and that the light of knowledge wards off all darkness
In this song also he concludes with the lines:

"NafratoN ke jahaan mein hum ko
pyaar ki bastiiyaN basaani hain
Duur rehna koi kamaal nahi
Paas aao to koi baat baney"

Sahir has emphasized many times in his writings that there is no dignity, happiness or salvation in destructive and brutal activities.

Through his writings like "Khuda e bartar teri zamiiN par zameeN ki khaatir ye jung kyoN hai ... " or " Allah tero naam Ieshawar tero naam ... " he has effectively conveyed the futility and criminality of war
His epic work "ParchhaaiyaN" is a must-read
It begins with "Jawaan raat ke siiney pe doodhiya aaNchal ... " (sounding like a sensuously romantic piece of poetry) but ends shaking up the conscience of the reader with these deeply thoughtful lines (and in between goes about sketching in words how Peace is destroyed by selfish vested interests):

जुनूँ की ढाली हुई ऐटमी बलाओं से,
ज़मीं की खैर नहीं आसमाँ की खैर नहीं
गुजिश्ता जंग में घर ही जले मगर इस बार
अजब नहीं कि ये तनहाइयाँ भी जल जायें
गुजिश्ता जंग में पैकर जले मगर इस बार,
अजब नहीं कि ये परछाइयाँ भी जल जायें

Reading Sahir Ludhianvi is like waking up to an enlightened new morning in a place where Peace is possible

May his work inspire more and more people across the world to work for Peace in homes, in communities, and in societies so that PEACE evolves from being just a word to becoming a MIND SET .


sujata said...
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sujata said...

Always loved Sahir's poetry, whether it is a romantic one, socially relevant one, realistic one. No second thoughts about it. Always had a secret thought why such a human being destined to remain alone....!!!

Dolly Kacker Mehrotra said...

Superb write up aapa... :)

Dolly Kacker Mehrotra said...

Superb write up aapa... :)

shashibhushan jauhari said...

good recollection ,

shashibhushan jauhari said...

good recollection ,

Prerna Kumar said...

Very well written Zohra apa. Thank you for introducing me to this gem by Sahir Ludhianvi.

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