Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Must See Film: "Khuda Ke Liye"

Everything a good believer does is in the name of religion...to keep Almighty God happy...or so we are made to believe.

Hence to save a Msajid (or Mandir) is thought to be more sacred than saving a life. And can there be a bigger irony than making murder in the name of God divine and justifying every cruelty to be right in the name of religion.
How much more are we going to misunderstand our religious teachings ?!

Religion is there to make us good human beings, but all it has ended up making is a brutal political system that is mercilessly patriarchal.
"Khuda Ke Liye" questions such fanatic mindset very strongly.

"Khuda Ke Liye" is in my opinion the best film made so far on the subject it explores. It is candid and courageous, yet entertaining and beautiful like a good piece of poetry.

A must see for every true believer.
And a must see for those confused minds torn between right and wrong.

Very few people have the courage to question a tradition which is backed by religion. Even if it is wrong. People tend to accept it or be silent onlookers mainly for the fear of failure in their attempt to bring about an awakening. Therefore those who show the fortitude of rising above stagnant and rotten social customs being followed in the name of religion must be respected and encouraged.

Zohra Javed.

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