Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I think I saw God...!!!

The piercingly chilly winter evening grew a shade darker as the clouds that had shadowed the mighty sun all day hovered low threatening to burst any time...

It was time for the Maghrib namaz (prayers after sunset). I tightened my shawl over my woolen garments and prepared to bow my head before the Almighty.
Just then someone opened the iron gate outside.
And minutes later the hesitant and meek, yet strangely melodious voice calling “Didi!” came through crystal clear.
It was the biscuitwali.

“Did she not know it was prayer time for Muslims?” I thought irritatedly.
Perhaps, she didn’t. She was not a Muslim.
Okay .
But I still felt irritated.
I did not expect visitors , leave alone a salesperson come knocking at that time

So, I told my younger son to buy some biscuits from her and ensure that I wasn’t disturbed.

It was prayer time after all !!!

The biscuitwali had by now taken a seat as usual in the verandah outside, while I prayed in the warmth of my room that separated it by a single wall.
My son made the purchases, and paid her the money, but through all this I could hear her cough almost incessantly.

Even as I prayed, she seemed to come alive before me suddenly.
Her fair face, like a mass of bones; her large, protruding eyes taking up most of her face; pale lips, usually dry with fatigue; the rest of the body unceremoniously draped in an ordinary cotton sari, and weighed down by the weight of the worn-out bags filled with packets of biscuits hanging wearily on both her shoulder.

My conscience stirred and I felt shaken up.
Was my prayer really worth anything?
At once, I took a break from the namaz and went out in the verandah

She smiled and greeted me as usual. I was so ashamed of myself.
There she was, wearing a semi-woolen stole, barely covering her shoulders and a little more, fighting the biting winter outside with the dwindling fire of courage within her. While I, with all the privileges that God has thankfully blessed me with, had moments before complained of her intrusion with my prayer ...

The purchases had been made, so she was preparing to leave.

But I asked her to wait
Gave her some hot tea and gifted her a shawl that I had bought a few days ago from some Kashmiri boys who did the rounds every winter.
She was speechless with gratitude.

God manifests Himself in many ways. No one has really seen Him. Yet He is omnipresent.

And for me He had just appeared ... !!!

I think The Almighty came down in the form of The Biscuitwali to accept my prayer

This was a hair-raising thought that has left me enriched overwhelmed and grateful for all times to come 💝


Shahid Fazal said...

That's a great gesture on your part.... May God Bless you so that you help more...

Saeedakhtar said...

Heart touching!

Swati Tiwari said...

Beautiful gesture ..... you rightly said that God is everywhere,no one can really seen him but he has proved his presence in many ways and at that day you experienced the God.