Thursday, October 15, 2009

Too Much Too Soon?

For most of the world the announcement that President Obama is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 2009 has come as a surprise. A big surprise indeed! A debate has sprung up whether Obama has done enough to deserve the honour. I really don't think the Nobel Peace Committee takes an opinion poll before deciding on the awardees. They are free to honour a person or an organisation of their choice perhaps. But logically of course there must be a reason good enough to justify their choice.

Hence the numerous debates all over the print and electronic media and also on the popular networking sites are not out of place. The opinions are as varied as the people themselves. Some feel it is only due his colour that President Obama has got the coveted prize, while others feel his peace initiatives deserve such motivation so that he is encouraged to speed up the peace process and also look into other issues that need to be addressed.

while Some around the world have raised objection to the choice of President Obama as an epitome of Peace as he still oversees wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Nobel Prize committee has a differing view. It appreciated the apparent change in the global atmosphere that President Obama's calls for peace and cooperation have brought about, as also his pledge to reduce the stock of nuclear arms, his efforts to bring about better understanding with the Muslim world, and his work towards combating climate change. However even if one grants the President credit for all of these praiseworthy initiatives, is it not a bit too soon that he has got this award ?

People around the world seem to have pinned their every little hope for peace and a world free of war on Obama. Just the other day someone remarked that with the coming of Obama the Clash of Civilizations seems to have come to an end and that the US will now have a more humane face. Are we expecting from President Obama more than he can possibly deliver?
I think we are.

After all why are we forgetting that Barack Obama is a politician and he must have the very essential qualities that make one worthy of being the President of the most powerful nation in the world. He cannot overnight bring about changes in policies that have come down from the past. He cannot shun war. This is a bitter fact and cannot be overlooked, whatever the good intentions of President Obama be to save humanity and bring about peace and harmony.

So I thinks its bit too much too soon for Obama. It is as if we have taken for sure that President Obama has already delivered on all his promises, whereas the fact is that he is still talking. Any concrete action in an effort to fulfill people's expectations from him have to still see the light of the day.

Zohra Javed

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