Sunday, November 15, 2009

Are Muslims Terrorists

After every terror attack anywhere in the world, Muslim names, individual as well as groups, pop up as being the perpetrators of the ghastly acts that put Islam to shame and the entire community is made to feel guilty. It is like as if the entire Muslim community should be crucified for the crimes of some among them. And that it is the benevolence of non-Muslims that the Muslim community is allowed to live on this planet.

I am sorry, but I strongly denounce this kind of charitable sympathy and for all that it means I am not ready to take it. I am a person with some self respect. I know for sure that most of the people from my community across the world have nothing to do with all these killer activities going on. We just don't fit in this kind of setup as there is absolutely no benefit that we could possibly derive out of it...not even the so called "ticket to heaven". Most of the Muslims had nothing to do with the creation of Pakistan. In fact Muslims of North India have their hearts bleeding as their families split and I have seen tears roll down a lot many Hindu cheeks when they remember their friends who had to leave their Motherland as they had been looted of all that they had and driven away from their place of birth mercilessly while on the other side of the border Hindus had to face similar brutality.

I have been observing with some interest the timings of any kind of terror act in the recent times. I have also been observing with a lot of pain how voices of sanity are being ridiculed. Every time skeletons from the past are dug out by the warring groups and any meaningful dialogue which could bring about peace for at least our coming generations is slaughtered at the altar of selfish academic and political interests. Realms of paper and hundreds of hours of air time is being devoted to war of words but nothing seems to have come out of it.

I am neither a politician nor an academic scholar. And I am very happy that most of the common people are not. But the sad part is that this makes us vulnerable to the immoral agendas of vulturous power-seekers. The brainwashing is so perfect that no one gives a thought to the fact that there are good and bad people everywhere and in all communities. And the youth who opt for carrying out these terrorist activities are certainly not guided by love for their faith. They are brainwashed by a coward who himself does not have courage to die for whatever his cause may be.

Hemant Karkare had said in an interview that he was looking at individuals and not any community or organisation while carrying out his investigations. For as long as he was probing cases against Muslims it was fine. When Hindu names started coming up, he started getting threatening messages. Leading right wing leaders openly denounced him and his activities. They even have the right to take the law in their hands and ironically go about doing all kinds of anti national activity in the name of religion and patriotism.
They have asked for the proof of Muslim patriotism and loyalty to India far too many times.
It is now their turn (to prove theirs.)
Also the RSS, BJP, Shiv Sena, MNS, Ram Sene, Bajrang Dal, VHP etc notoriously and openly disregard the Constitution of India. It is astonishing how law of the land seems a helpless onlooker when the representatives of these outfits make an evident mockery of it.

The youth who stray into the deadly world of terrorism are perhaps either in it for money or attention. They have been either deprived of love and affection or the comforts and necessities of life. However their sin still is unpardonable. All the existing bunch of terror mercenaries must see for themselves what their fate invariably is...the dead terrorists in the Mumbai attacks are not even getting the proverbial "do gaz zamin" for their dead bodies. And what have their families or the community gained as a result of their activities ?

The terrorists (who actually perform the acts of terror) are certainly not human. But what shall we call (and how shall we punish) those who divide people, preach hatred, mock laws of the land and make terrorists out of insecure persons...?

Zohra Javed.

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