Monday, July 9, 2012

Rains : Sheer Romance

The Great Mumbai Boating Festival begins. Enjoy Free Boating in Kurla, Milan Subway, Sion etc.
Offer valid till water logging lasts.
Courtesy:  BMC"
This SMS came as the first heavy downpour  lashed Mumbai and adjoining areas some days ago. After a hearty laugh,  "The Thinking Zohra" took over and a thought hit my mind like a bolt from the blue. .
How contented we as a Nation are. Our sense of humour and the power to laugh at our own plight is awfully matchless. Life for us has become a celebration of tiny smiles that thankfully lighten the heaviness of a burdensome existence. It is a treasure hunt where we manage to find our dessert in the cocktailed menu that the daily grind  of life serves us.

Take the potholed roads for instance. I don't want those craters to be filled in. Not just me , but anyone who stakes  a claim to being young at heart...and its not because they tend to make our Erath look like the Moon, but because we know how invaluable they are to our disintegrating love life in an over-crowded, over-worked city. After all who would like to loose those plentiful opportunities they provide for couples to get romantically close while riding a two-wheeler.

Rain water washes away the heaps of garbage that are "stored" with as much care as the surplus grains in our country. It mingles with its counterparts that littered the footpaths and flows back into the drains. Some of it flows freely on the roads too, increasing the dining options for rodents. They now can choose to dine in "open-air-restaurants" rather than being confined to the usual dim-lit-guttery-candle-light dinners.

And the free boat rides that the above-mentioned SMS refers to is a rare annual chance to retrieve some benefit from the Sarkar in return for the taxes that we pay. If one is lucky he/she could also find some floating treasure navigating the "scented"  Black Waters.

Having said this there is certainly something special about rains that makes you forget the whole World. You fall in love with yourself  when inspite of your expensive, protective, beautiful, painstakingly-selected umbrella over your head, you get  dripping-drenched from head to toe.

You love the wind that blows away your scarf, stole or dupatta, upturning your folding umbrella, as it sweeps you off your feet,  while the heavily pouring rain joins hands with gravity to keep you from flying away !!!

Sharing an umbrella is another blessing that comes down straight from the Heavens alongwith the heavy divine shower. You cannot get more memorably close to your loved one than under a shared umbrella.  Raj Kapoor and Nargis have immortalised these moments of ambrosial nostalgia  on the silver screen long ago for us to celebrate with every shower of rain.

I am sitting in my verandah,  the  rain , taking a breather  has stopped lashing against the ornate wooden railing for a while ........... and the sight before my eyes is like a dream.
Cascading milky water falls among dark green hills, grey clouds floating luxuriously kissing and caressing the happy, smiling, thriving bounties of Nature... rain drops falling from the tree leaves like an adorable after-thought charming the senses...
And the romantic aroma of boiling corn in the kitchen  tickling my taste buds and completing this picturesque rainy day.

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