Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thankful Always :):)

"Shirin Farhad Ki to Nikal Padi" is a contemporary love story, where the characters are (obligingly) not from the stinking rich families who look like living in a make-believe world.
It is  not a rich-guy-poor-girl (or vice versa) fairy-tale.
It is also not about that teeny-weeny dream-of-the-teens called First Love.
It is actually quite realistic and beautifully emotional. But of course, like life, the film too has its imperfect moments. And like one who has learnt to move on in life, the viewers too happily let go of the flaws to enjoy the larger picture. Life itself.

The best part is that  it is  about mature , middle aged people and yet conveys a feeling that is as refreshing as the first dew-drops. Perhaps the blossoming of love  makes life bloom as nothing else ever can. It has been proved beyond doubt that love indeed has no expiry date.
To a traditional mind and to an orthodox lifestyle, it may be difficult to come to terms with some extraordinary facts of life ....situations and circumstances that are beyond one's control and hence must be tackled differently

Settling down in life is not deemed complete in most societies and communities unless one is normally (or is it naturally....???) married. Some extend this completeness to having children....and then further to the girl-boy ratio ..... So obviously most young people are supposed to "settle down" by a certain age. And what if that does not happen.
Or worse still if  the "settlement"  receives an unexpected blow from uncertainities that life often serves with extra helpings of rotten coldness....and which most often is bitter on the tongue and teary in the eyes.

Happiness comes with  having the freedom to choose Happiness.
And at  different phases in life Happiness comes with different meanings.
If at one time it is in togetherness, at some other time it may come in Me talking to Myself.
Life is full of possibilities and opportunities. It is also not same at all times.

I am absolutely convinced that Love has no expiry date.
But let us not forget that some relations do thankfully have an expiry date....
(Otherwise looking forward to future would be impossible !!!)

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