Monday, June 17, 2013

Conscience Pricks me .......... ???

I was expecting some guests yesterday and being the lazy woman that I am , thought of getting some idli-sambhar from a popular restaurant near my place instead of slogging in the kitchen on a beautiful rainy morning.
The  weather looked so wonderful that the idea of getting soaked in the rain was too tempting to  be ignored ..... so I walked down to the restaurant , placed my order and waited for the parcel to come

There among the innumerable cars and a rush of customers coming in and going out of the restaurant was this woman looking dark , water dripping from all over her as she stood under the open sky , rain lashing at her mercilessly
I asked the man at the counter to give her a cup of tea and a plate of idli sambhar .
Till then all was fine.
But the moment I asked her to come inside , I was told very firmly that she could not come inside .
Let me  add here that this restaurant has its parcel counter quite separate from the main dining area. But she was not allowed to even enter that privileged area , let alone sit or eat there.
I felt so helpless.
Hate myself for being a silent spectator to the murder of dignity that was her right as as a human being .....
I could have at least cancelled my order in protest .
But I just took the parcel when it came and walked away ...... away from that  pathetically wet 
and hungry dark woman , for whose breakfast I had so benevolently paid.
My duty was done .
My conscience was clear ........ !!!!

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