Thursday, October 31, 2013

Diwaali Mubaarak

This woman , a stranger , climbing the staircase showed her surprise as Sunanda and I exchanged our usual goodbyes and in addition wished each other "Diwali Mubaarak" too .
Indeed  for those who stay in their cocooned webs of self centred existence , "Khudahaafiz  .... aur  Diwaaali sab ko Mubaaarak ho .... ! " in the same breath must come as an hugely outlandish expression !!!

I have had the honour to witness this expression many times.

Thinking of  such well-insulated areas where persons belonging to one community are completely unaware of  people in another neighbouring community ,  in times of   a globalised world  would have amused me had it been a figment of my imagination   .... but it is sadly  not so .....

There is this middle aged woman , Sunanda , who my family knows from the time we were children .There was a time when she was an integral part of the fabric that cosntituted my family outfit. Everyday she would come with her mother and help my mother in the kitchen , while her mother did the jhaadoo-bartan.
Then for a while we drifted away into separate spaces.

But the moods of Destiny are unpredictable once again our paths crossed.
Now she comes over from her home (travelling across Mumbai for an hour and a half) to my place every once in a while .
Her arrival is a big and welcome help as she keeps company to my seventy-five plus Mother while "home-ridden" me slips out , away from the sluggish daily routine , for a long breath of fresh air.....  !!!
I adjust my outings as per Sunanda's schedule .... a film , a play , or just plain awaragardi .... all depends on her presence in my house because I dare not leave Mummy alone

And  this morning as Sunanda was leaving after a three day-stay at my place , we exchanged the usual goodbyes .....and in addition the Diwaali Mubaarak .....

And the starltled look on the face of the woman climbing up the stairs ..... !!!


Dr.Salman Abid said...

bahut hi khoob
my ne abhi abhi aap ka blog deikha hai. excellent
Dr.Salman abid

Zohra Javed said...

Thankyou Salman Saheb :-)