Monday, December 30, 2013

New Year is here ..... What's on your mind ?

Starting this New Year , I wish and plan and  resolve to write .
Yes! Write ....
Neither on  my phone nor on the computer .... I hope to revive my age old hobby of writing letters to my loved ones . Just like I used to do in the past , much before e mailing and later Facebooking and now WhatsApping / Viber-ing etc etc took over .

While I agree that the present modes of communication are very quick and convenient , there is an intoxicating  charm , a regal luxury  in writing  with your own hands  ,.
I think one's imagination also works better , wanders far and wide and makes writing a pleasure when one has a pen in hand and a paper in front  ....
Then going out to post it  is another wonderful experience , ( walking is good for health ... isn't it ?  and believe me , for a free flight to your dream world too ) ..... !!!
And then waiting for the reply .... ???
Well in the present scenario expecting people to spare time for such an ancient excercise would be certainly  asking for too much .

Hence no expectations ....
Only  selfless affectionate wishes for Prosperous , Happy , Fulfilling , Successful , Beautiful  Future to all

Happy New Year .... God bless


sanjay srivastava said...

So beautifully said. Wishing u and ur family a very happy new year !!!

Zohra Javed said...

THanks a ton Sanjay Srivastava
God bless

Zohra Javed said...

Dear friend Mohan Siroya ji is some how not able to post his comment here .... he sent it thru e mail :

"Zohra Ji
I read and attempted to post my following comments, but failed. Hence I am sending U as mail:

"Very well said.
In fact not only I used to write numerous pages in my own handwriting in my 'Patrachaar" as I was a pen friend to a few .Some are still alive, some not with this mortal world. But I have preserved their hand written "patiis" and some day God willing, it may come out in print. I am aware none has time to read that 'Sentiment or philosophy' but it will be for posterity.
Vicharon ki dharohar jo chodi hai maine; Zamana yaad karega mere chale jaane ke baad.
Sabhi Bhaiyon aur Behenon ko ADAAB
---Mohan Siroya"

Warm regards

Mohan "

Bahot shukriya Mohan ji

rumahale said...

Dear Zohra Javed ji.
I agree with you. There is absolute need for preserving and continuing some of the old values, besides deriving the benefits of new technology. I too was writing letters till recently, but, regret to miss these all of a sudden. Your message has come as a succour. It is a worthy resolution to emulate; I shall strive for the same.
Wishing you and family happy new year; may the new year be harbinger of peace, joy, and, good health.


Zohra Javed said...

Aameen to your prayer Mahale ji .... Thanks a lot :-)

Its such a gratifying feeling to find like minded people with whom one can share a piece of one's heart .... Regards and best wishes to you and your loved ones :-)

Anonymous said...

Zohra ji,

I read your resolve and paused… and paused longer.

And as the intent of your resolve sinks in, my nostalgia for the times, when the written word carried the impress of one’s persona, grows. The emotions, the vulnerability, the pulse of the moment – were all conveyed by the pen in hand.

At another level, it also conveys an unsaid desire to get off the fast track and revert to the quality and poise of a life some-what laid back.

Zohra ji, this resolution of yours is a great thought. You have asserted your preference for handicraft over synthetic. I pray, your resolve acts as a catalyst and converts many others.

Zohra ji, I wish you a New Year full of uninterrupted happiness and with much greater space and scope for self expression.


Vijay Kumar

Neeru Kumar said...

Writing letters is like tieing two strings of heart with the one you feel bonding, expressing the feelings straight from your heart , no matter what the time and distance is,everything vanishes the moment u get touched, the presence of one's being is felt . I wrote letters to my friends in school and waited eagerly for the replys but in today's world people don't respond .... anyways it is nice to have a like minded friend like you, may God keep you and your family happy always.

Zohra Javed said...

Vijay ji ! You have read the unsaid / unwritten .... Can't thank you enough ..... But phir bhi THANKS a TON :-) .... God bless

Zohra Javed said...

Neeru ! Letter writing is a hobby no one ever took seriously .... its not just the present generation who has perhaps not known the experience at all , but even my generation thought it was something to do with wasting time .... but then the huge comfort is that aisa hi log poets and writers ke baare mein bhi sochtey hain untill one fine day they bacome famous .... ;-) :-) :-)

And thanks a lot .... you proved Koshish karne waalon ki haar nahi hoti :-) :-)