Sunday, January 12, 2014

Be intolerant to violence

Violence unfortunately has become a permanent guest at most places . All kinds of violence that is !!!
It is disturbing  to see how intolerant and criminally power hungry people have become .
My generation seems astonished at the "deteriorating" morals ....
But let us be honest .
Is it really so sudden an irruption ?

Surely the present cannot be viewed in isolation.
Is it any wonder at all then, that all of today's violence is being justified as a reaction to some incidents that happened in history hundred and more years back.
The past, interestingly has a very ironical role in the entire system.
While on the one hand it is brought up to stoke up flames from the embers of a dying fire (of hatred ),  on the other hand going down memory lane is like a soothing balm many times.

This may sound unnecessary, but still, let us devote some time trying to understand how past connects the present, and goes on to define the future

Sample this :

Children in the primary section of a prestigious school fight over something that is of course as trivial as a mosquito leg on the vast horizon. But for the "warring" camps it is a matter of "honour", so the fight continues and ends with one boy hitting the other.
Streams of  tears follow ...

Next day the elder sister of the boy who had been hit, goes and gives a piece of her mind to the boy who "dared" to fight with her brother.
She is a chirpy tomboy, a year or so older than her sweet, peace-loving brother.
After she has done her "job" of protecting younger brother, she shakes hands with the "wrongdoer" ... both the boys shake hands too .
The matter ends in friendly smiles.

Another incident from the past that comes to mind makes me smile whenever I think of it.

My younger son and his friend fought over something in school. His friend hit him. The fight ended.
Back home, he related his tale of "woe" to our grandmotherly neighbour, who asked him why he had not hit the boy back.
My son innocently said, "Dadi Begum! That boy has an elder brother".

Dadi Begum said, "You too have an elder brother, touchwood!"

My son tells her that his elder brother had not gone to school that day and may be they'll "see tomorrow."

The incident has always come to mind as a melodious memory because that "tomorrow" has always remained a tomorrow while friendship has grown from strength to strength  .....  .

Fast forward to the present.

A ten year old is hit by a twelve year old so badly that the ten-year-old ends up with a ruptured ear drum. The parents of the ten-year-old are obviously upset. The least they want is an honest apology from the erring boy. But nothing worthwhile happens. The twelve-year-old comes from an influential  family who hold the strings of some of the high placed "puppets" .

The episode turns sour for the ten-year-old, and more so for his parents who are depressed and deeply distressed to see the inability of the school authorities in bringing the erring boy to book   

Our upbringing is such that we grow up thinking violence to be an embodiment of bravery and valour.
Everyone is in awe of it. We have made killing a part of societal existence either by sheer acceptance (self defence etc.) or by sheer delay in dispensing justice .

And there is another more distressing fact.
Violence is endorsed and glorified becuase of the "virtues" that one has been inadvertently taught to associate with it ...
As a result we see an "irruption" of violence and intolerance all around us
"Might is right" was never more pronounced and never had it been more acceptable than it is in the present times ...

Connecting the above-mentioned incidents with larger and more serious scene of violence and crime may seem an over-reaction.
But come to think of it, today's children are tomorrow's adults .
From their earliest memories some will have a sense of insecurity while some others are pampered into believing that they can get away with murder.
That makes the divide of the haves and have-nots that much wider.

It is high time that one must condemn violence in ALL its manifestations otherwise you never know when War and Violence become a "noble" expression of "patriotism and religiosity".

Normal people can be brainwashed and "converted" with "promises" of great honour and rewards in this world and in the hereafter, into becoming monstrous psychopaths
They are then unleashed upon fellow human beings to kill and rape "the other" in the name of religion and country

Therefore the question is :
" Is killing and violence sacred and patriotic ? "

Before one can answer, there arise many counter questions :
"Have all the religions of the world not preached harmony and peaceful existence?
And has Violence ever solved anything ?
Has Violence ever brought about Peace anywhere ?"

Let us always remember :
"Fear leaders and those prepared to die for ( their ) "truth" and "faith ", for as a rule they make others die with them, often before them, and at times even instead of them."

"Jung khud ek masla hai" said Sahir Ludhianvi
So if violence, perpetuated by vested interests, has NEVER solved a problem, and even the smallest act of violence often builds up a chain of violent irruptions in the future, then what is it good for ?
Can it ever end ??? "

Fortunately there is an ancient comforting theory that says
"Every problem has a solution."
But sometimes this solution must be most patiently driven into peoples' hearts and minds
It has to be brought about not through enactment of harsh laws, but through another diligent method : changing the mindset of the society, and making people realize potently the DEVASTATION war brings

There is an urgent need to learn to say "NO" to violence of EVERY kind.
It is important to accept and publicly propagate that violence under any pretext is wrong, wrong ... and nothing but wrong.

This should be followed by strongly inculcating non-violent behaviour in the children from the very beginning.
Let us open our eyes to the truth :
In a civilized world, there will certainly be neither any place for pre-historic sword-wielding barbarism nor the more sophisticated and scientific warheads.
So we have a long way to go


farq O fareeq said...

I fully endorse your views and say an absolute NO to violence, violence in all types and forms. Peace

Zohra Javed said...

Thankyou ..... there are very few people agreeing with me

Zohra Javed said...

Do we eve realize that justification of any form of violence is actually criminal .... If I can justify my violence , you can justify yours too ...
See what this has brought to the world ... Having difference of opinion is one thing , but killing people or destroying the resources of our planet CANNOT be pardoned ....