Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Undying .....and forever ......

Shaam-ki-chaai is always very special .
One looks forward to it for that much needed rejuvenating break from a hectic day's work .......and if fortunate luxury permits , then for that enchanting coziness that can only be experienced with a cup full of steaming hot tea , in the happy company of one's loved ones .

For  more than half of the past decade , I have had one constant and  most loved companion to share my shaam - ki-chaai with .
My Mother.

Her dedication to the beverage was matchless and absolutely and so profoundly  passionate
She never said "NO" to tea.
Her passion  was so strong that it could not be contained by her alone.
It  used to spill all around her and engulf the smallest being within its folds.
One had to see to believe and feel  her abundant  enthusiasm for chaai.

I remember the  long distance train / car journeys  when getting a good cup of tea en route would be  such a difficult task  .
But not for a true lover like my mother .

She loved tea : No conditions attached
The flavour , the aroma , the quality : Nothing mattered .
Her thumb rule was straight : "Chaai Ho Aur Bahot Ho"

Even during the days of her hospitalisation in the Cardiac Care Unit , she would ask for extra cups of tea , which the  nurses would most affectionately oblige.

She came home very weak and our hopes for her recovery took a depressing downturn when she refused  to have tea.
From that day  her condition went from bad to worse .
The struggle to bring her back on the road to recovery seemed a frustrating one
Nothing  .....absolutely nothing , not even the best of medicines seemed to be working for her this time orund.

Life from her body kept slipping like sand  from one's reluctant fingers even as the doctors tried to tighten their grip on it .......
It is so true that most often happiness comes  without making  much noise , in apparently trivial moments such as these . The priceless treasure chest fills up gradually.
But before you realise their worth , these small moments become memories.

 My constant shaam-ki-chaai-companion is lost forever ......but has left beautiful memories forever.
I love to picture her sitting blissfully  in a sprawling lush green tea   garden , sipping her favourite beverage in ultimate easement and glory

 May her soul rest in eternal  peace.......


Vivek Patwardhan said...

I understand your feelings. Did not know about her passing away. May her soul rest in peace.

Shahida said...

She was a gem of a person. My mind is constantly going back to how much she did for us. Ammi always talked about how willingly she would offer to do chores for her and her children, i.e us her neices and nephews. How she would get involved in our problems and pray for us. What a gem should she was! I can go on and on and on. Dr Shahida Wizarat

sandeepapte said...


Am so touched to read this!

It is so beautiful that you could be with your mom and also savor the cup of tea and life with her all the way ...

A salute to your mom's memory and also to your spirit!


Mohd. Fakruddin said...

I see a bit of myself in my beloved phuppijan as far as love for tea goes. If I cld claim to posses even 1 or 2 of her human qualities, Id consider myself blessed.
16th Dec

Rupam Kumar said...

Sorry to hear ur mother's demise....when did it happen.No one take a mother's place as a companion.....specially when u r sipping every sip of ur life......as usual ur penned emotions r heartfelt....An emotional tea tribute.

Saeedakhtar said...

Sorry to know that. May her soul rest in peace. Very emotional tribute !!!

Sushrut said...

Very true and extremely touching.. I could recollect the days in Kalyan colony where we would have chaii on the garden chairs.
May her soul rest in peace.

vinny kohli said...
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vinny kohli said...

My deepest condolences to you and family Zohra ji...... very sad to hear this sad news..... but this is God's will and we are all helpless in front of him. We have to bow before his will. My sincerest prayers to the Almighty to bless her soul and grant her eternal salvation.... and also give courage to U and ur family to bear this irreparable loss...With you in your hour of grief... Please take care of urself and ur family..... God bless 😇 😇

vinny kohli said...
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vinny kohli said...

Zohra ji I forgot to mention that like ur mother I am also an avid tea lover.... and nvr say no to tea..... if I do then it means there's something wrong with me.....I need tea at frequent intervals and that too in my special cup..... which is huge enough to double up as a Beer mug for Beer drinkers but I'm a teotellar and tea is my only high...... More is never enough... and I have one excuse after another ready to get my cup of joy.... sometimes it's.. that this was not good so need another one... sometimes it's so good kee tassalli nhi huey.. so need another one... sometimes headache.. sometimes I'm so tired and so on..... ghar waalay dukhi hou jaatay hain.... And drinking tea en route a road or a train journey is a memorable experience..... I like different varities of tea and am a tea lover in the true sense.......some even call me a tea fanatic. 😊


Zohra Apa,
Kya kahein apka andaz-e-bayan bahut hi achha hai. Main bhi apni ka itna laadla tha ki mere rishtedar mujhe " Maa ka Lallulal kehte thay". Iss duniya ko chhodne se pehle 10 saal woh mukammal bister per rahin. Main samajh sakta hoon apke itne bade nuksaan ko. lekin wo Maa Ki Chai ka zikr aur shauq baazauk log hi kar sakte hain. Yeh bhi ek art hai. Agar aap isse art kahengi to log maan bhi lenge. Allah ka lakh-lakh shukr hai ki unhone duniya ko alvida bhi apne saare shauq poora karke kiya aur shaan se kiya. Allah unki rooh ko shukun pahunchayein aur Jannat ata farmayein, Ameen !
Farrukh Azmi