Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sari comes back

Whatever be the reason behind Vidya Balan's preference for saris, I am very happy to see the Deepikas, Kareenas, Dias and all the etceteras falling in line with her. After Rekha ji it is this indigenously pretty girl setting the trends in Bollywood. And what a completely rejuvenating experience this has been. Looking at Vidya so splendrously draped in six yards of shimmering silk, her elegant blouses making a sensuous statement and her magnificent jhumkas teasingly adding richness to her charm, is a delightful feast for the eyes.

The nauseating display of perfect bodies looking almost artificial in their finely chiseled beauty can take a break, while a rather imperfectly-moulded yet refreshingly beautiful real woman comes to fore.

I recently read that Vidya with her silk saaris and elbow-length blouses has become so uninterestingly predictable and that she is scared to experiment having gone wrong with her western outfits in the past. I dare say I have not heard another more ridiculously dumb remark. It smells of burning insecurity.
If Vidya is predictable in her saris I really wonder what all those scantily clad women who leave nothing to imagination are....????!!!!!

Call me traditional. Label me orthodox. But I strongly believe that being sufficiently and decently clothed is a sign of cultural refinement, human progress and a developed civilization.

Be it reel or real life, aristocracy and royalty have displayed their abundance and sensuality majestically covered in silks and chiffons rather than choosing to bare it all.
No wonder then that an innocent "hawa mein udta lal malmal ka dupatta" arouses much more desire and romance than a badnaam Munni's jhandoo balm or a Chikni Chameli's raunchy pauua...

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