Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Teeth and The Tongue

A friend sent me this beautiful quotation the other day : "No matter how many times the teeth bite the tongue, they still stay together in one mouth. This is the spirit of Forgiveness."
Oh! How lovely this sounds.
Of course to the one who is seeking forgiveness.
Does it mean then that the tongue should go on bearing the bite? Does it mean that one must go on forgiving a wrongdoer eternally?

How long does one sacrifice one's self respect in order to accomodate a friend's ego?

So this teeth-and-tongue quote remained in my thoughts through the day. And as I shared it with a couple of friends, I kept pondering over the fate of the soft and silent tongue.
The teeth, hard and sharp as they are, surely came across as the annoying bully who kept troubling a quiet and serene tongue. The similarity to human beings was indeed striking. A kind and quiet person is most likely cornered into isolation by a cunning and conniving lobbyist if the former chooses to assert himself on a conflicting issue. This revelation was discomforting because it meant that the bully will always have his way. The teeth will always bite the tongue. And the poor pained tongue had no place to go.

How far and how long would this play.....?
And then the legendary "bandd-aqal-ka-taala" opened... I smiled to myself thinking of the fate of the "hard-and-strong-thirty-two"
With the passage of time don't they fall off one by one naturally?
But the tongue always remains unhurt, unharmed... So no matter how many times the teeth bite the tongue, they still stay together in one mouth.... till the tongue's silence is rewarded and the teeth bow out.... forever... :))

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