Sunday, April 1, 2012

Where is the Finishing Line

"Paan Singh Tomar" Said my son when I asked him to recommend a good film.
He had to repeat the name at least thrice before I got it right !!!
"What a name-and-a-half...!!!" I blurted out
"Google it" He suggested.
I didn't. Was not very impressed. As it is, these days films have been mostly  atrocious cultural shocks that my traditional taste buds find too harsh on the digestive system.

But my son insisted I see it, and living upto my  Oh-So-Obedient Mother image, I obeyed.
And what a wonderful experience it was!
An absolutely brilliant film, "Paan Singh Tomar" is a sheer delight for anyone seeking good cinema.

Irrfan is all over the screen. Bursting with talent, he is a masterpiece in himself. But my respectful salutation to Tigmanshu Dhulia for choosing a subject as off-beat as "Paan Singh Tomar" and making such an honest film that brings to life a legend the Nation chose to not just forget but ruthlessly dump into unsung darkness and untold helplessness.

Paan Singh has an amazing range....easily any actor's dream role. But indeed at present I cannot think of anyone but Irrfan doing justice to it.
Paan Singh Tomar was a man of tremendous courage and explicit honesty. He believed in the law of the land and trusted with full conviction that whatever the odds truth would always win. But when that trust was shattered, he grabbed the law by its neck and twisted it in his very own characteristic style, and achieved the goal for which he crossed the line from being an extremely disciplined soldier/athlete to becoming a rather egoistic fugitive/dacoit.

Paan Singh Tomar would have been perfect had he not been a human being. But unfortunately he was a human being so he had his very humane (read self-destructive) imperfections. He ran the extremely demanding 3000 meter marathons.
For him a  race was a race. It did not matter where he was running it. However he never realised that every race has a finishing point. One must leave the ground after a race is over and move on....

Paan Singh Tomar won many races in National and International events. But when it came to life, he inadvertently got caught in a race where even after reaching the finishing line he kept running....ahead, ahead, ahead........going nowhere........

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